Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Update on Honey & A Bit About Polly

I had made the vets appointment for 10am this morning.  Whilst trying to get Honey’s collar and lead on she banged her tail and .......yep blood to clean up in the hall when I got back from the vets.
Right the vets went like this:  Honey had her tail shaved (not the whole tail).  She screamed like we were cutting the tail off.  We could then see that it was a very tiny split, but the vet said there is a vein right there, so that’s why there was so much more blood than when she did it the two times last year.  With it shaved she was able to put on a specially shaped dressing with some brown tape round the top.  She said it should stay in place.  Got to take Honey back Thursday morning to have a new dressing on and probably again Saturday to have a new dressing on.  She said if it wouldn’t heal, then she would have to have part of her tail cut off.  They would take a fair bit, so the length of tail that’s left is unlikely to hit something when she wags it.  Whilst it would solve the problem completely, I don’t want that to happen yet.  I will ask the vet if I can buy some of the special dressings, just in case.
Then it was Polly’s turn.  I had to take her for her check up before they would give me a further 6 months supply of Rimadyl for her Arthritis. 
I asked about her eyes and she confirmed she has a cataract in both eyes.  She said they would only do cataract surgery on a very young dog and it would mean taking it to Cambridge to a specialist.  She said Polly would adjust and because of her age she probably would die before she went blind anyway.
She agreed she needed her teeth cleaning.  Better to have it done now as she is 9.  She didn’t think any would need to come out.  Whilst they have her under for that they will cut her nails very short.
Got to get a wee sample from her first wee Thursday morning and take it in when I take Honey.  Will take Polly as well, as they may decide to do blood tests depending on what the wee shows.  This is because she has lost 1.30kgs since last October and then she had lost and the previous time so over all she has lost just over 5kgs since June 2014.  I thought she had lost weight as you can see more of her ribs and spine.  I would have expected her to have gained over the winter months, so we need to see if anything nasty is happening. 
Honey had gained a little bit of weight, but she’s still in the correct weight range.  They say up to 3kgs above their racing weight.  Polly has dropped below her racing weight over the last three weigh ins.
So I am now £53.45 lighter in my bank account and of course there’s still Thursday’s to pay for and maybe more.

It's now three and a half hours since the vet put the dressing on Honeys tail and it's still on.


Blood soaking through the end of the dressing the vet put on this morning.  I just put Honey in the car and dashed round to the vets without ringing first.  This time a different vet and she has put so much on the tail, I doubt Honey could wag it.

So £25.41 more money spent at the vets and more blood to clean up in the hall.

Really hoping everything is ok now until I have to take her in Thursday morning.

We really hope you have had a better day than we have.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Oh dear, and more oh dear. I can appreciate your vet bill! The loss of weight sounds a bit scary (like what we had with Dallas at Christmas. Found she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and takes a pill like we take and is on special food). But she is better and had gained a bit of her lost weight back. Her face looks 'caved in' compared to her sister's. I hope things go ok with both girls. It's very distressing to have sick babies, not to mention the medical bills. I bet you are just worn out. Glad they were able to staunch the blood, and hope she doesn't have to get surgery. On the cleaning teeth: Yep, the granddogs get theirs brushed regularly. The Doxie had to get all but one of his removed they were so bad, and had not been taken care of before he came to live at the DD's. Also he has diabetes (for which he gets 2 shots per day, again special diet). He has some other problems, but I don't remember what. It's a full time job just tending to a couple of these critters, but - it's done!! Good luck, to all of you! Get some rest. TFS Hugs

  2. Awwww Sue, poor Honey I hope her tail heals up ok.

  3. Poor babies. I hope the rest of the week is better. I still think foam and a tail bag would do the trick. They wrap horses tails to keep them nice and tidy for showing. I'm just sayin. :-) April

  4. I wish you luck with Honey's tail, Sue. It certainly looks like the bandage will stay on this time! It was about 4 months between 'happy tail' episodes with Beryl before I had to very reluctantly take the vet's advice and have her tail docked. So it was well healed up but would have kept happening. She was getting stressed after about 4 episodes of her tail tip opening up so getting it docked was the best thing to do for her. I hope you have better luck with Honey :)

    Polly is a bit of a worry with losing all that weight. Fingers crossed that it's something simple.

  5. MaryH, Thank you for your kind wishes for Honey and Polly.

    Julie, Thank you.

    April, If Honey needed something on her tail all the time, the vet would advice amputation. It's a miracle she's not done this more often, so must admit I think if not now sometime in the future she will have to have some of the tail off.

    Sue, I thought of you and Beryl the minute the vet mention the possibility of amputation.

    I will be worrying until I get the results for Polly.

  6. Oh dear, poor girl! I hope she heals quickly.
    Also got my fingers crossed for Polly x

  7. Laura, Thank you.

    The dressing on Honey's tail is beginning to move down her tail, but hopefully it will stay on until our vets appointment at 10am tomorrow.

  8. Hope all is well in your household very soon, Sue. Praying for fast recovery. Hugs, de

  9. Donna, Thank you.


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