Saturday, 9 April 2016

Honey Is Getting There

Saw a different vet this morning with Honey.  He took the dressings off and said it is healing so well it didn't need a dressing now.

He did give me some dressings in case she tried to nibble it.  Good job he did as she was constantly trying to nibble it and at times she would yelp.  The stitches are in such a position the ends were constantly pricking her behind.  I used a small dressing just to cover the stitches and she immediately left it alone.

Next check up Thursday.

Just the end covered.  Hair is starting to grow.

Honey all snug under her blanket.

Hope you are having a nice evening.


  1. Oh I bet those stitches really aggravate her. Good that he provided some additional dressing. Bless her little heart for having to endure this, and I'm glad she has a caring Mama to look after her until she's all healed up ready to play again. Happy wkend. Ya'll take care. TFS the update.

  2. Awww poor Honey but it was for the best well done on being able to stop the stitch annoying her. With a bit of luck the hair will be back soon and she will forget it ever happened
    Big hugs from Robbie & Rosie

  3. So glad you received some good news, Sue! May dear Honey continue improving each day. Hugs, de

  4. MaryH, Thanks for stopping by.

    Di, Thanks. Once the hair grows it will look much better.

    Donna, Thanks for your hugs.

  5. Poor little poppet. I'm glad it's healing well.
    Thinking of you and Polly for tomorrow x

  6. Just read the last few posts to catch up on the Honey saga. Poor girl. Hope the healing goes quickly from here. Nobody wants stitches back there. My guys are sending hugs and all paws crossed.

  7. Laura, Thank you.

    genji, Thanks for the hugs and crossed paws.

  8. I am so glad she is healing so quickly. She'll have a furry nub in no time. :-) Give her a hug from me. And Polly too so she doesn't get jealous. ;-)

  9. April, Thanks.

    Honey and Polly say thanks for the hugs.

  10. Oh my, what an ordeal for all of you, especially Honey. Glad that she is finally healing. She looks so comfy in her bed all covered up.


  11. Sue, Yes, Honey is doing well.


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