Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Honey Is Home

I dropped Honey off at the verts at 9am.  She had her op late morning.

Collected her at 4pm.  She's still getting over the anaesthetic.  Got to go back Thursday afternoon for a clean dressing.  She may be put on antibiotics, but they will see what it looks like.

She's left with about 6", so at least her modesty is in tact;)

She doesn't want any dinner, not even cheese, so she is definitely not herself.  As the dog beds in here are bigger than in my bedroom, I will sleep in my reclining chair in here at least tonight.  At least then she can stretch out.

Here's my girl.

Here's her little nubbin.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Awww poor Honey, glad they left a decent amount on.
    Big hugs from Robbie & Rosie (((hugs)))

  2. Aw, poor Honey. I hope she is feeling better soon. This ordeal has been so difficult for her! (and her mom, too!) xo

  3. So pleased she's home. Give her some hugs from me, and one for you too Sue x

  4. Di, The length that is left should hit anything when she wags it. Thanks for the hugs.

    Donna, She will soon pick up.

    Laura, Honey thanks you for the hugs and I thank you for mine as well:)

  5. Poor baby. But she has way more than Gracie. LOL. I hope she is back to her normal self soon. Give her hugs from America.

  6. April, I did ask the vet to leave as much as possible, but not enough that she could whack it.

    Today when she wags it she is looking round. Either it's sore, or the dressing is perhaps pulling, or she just thinks it feels odd. She's not tried to nibble the dressing.

    Honey says thanks for the hugs from across the pond:)

  7. Poor baby. But I know plenty of beautiful greyhounds with nubby tails. Tried meat baby food..that always worked for mine when they were down and not eating. Hugs!

  8. Trina, Once the hair grows back it won't look so odd.

    Thanks for the hugs.

  9. Sue, I hope Honey is feeling a little better today! xo

  10. Donna, She is. She's had a fresh dressing on this afternoon. Vet is pleased as no sign of infection, so no antibiotics needed. A fresh dressing every other day, with stitches coming out 10 - 14 days after the op.

  11. Poor bewildered Honey...she must be thinking "Why did you do this to me?" I hope she's continuing to feel better each day, and regain her appetite and not be too upset with the world & her surroundings. It's tough when they can't understand why some things have to hurt them so they can not be sick. TFS the update. Hope both of you get some needed rest from the trauma. Have a good weekend if you can.

  12. MaryH, Thanks for stopping by.

    Honey seems to be getting use to it now. Her appetite was back to normal the next day.

  13. Poor baby, lucky to have such a caring Mama though. I stayed up all night with our last dog when she got sick and just held her until we could get to the Vet in the morning. I know how you feel......now for the healing.


  14. Sue, Thank you.


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