Saturday, 30 April 2016

Honey's Nubbins

Honey's nubbins (a small lump or residual part) has healed up nicely.  The hair is growing back, so it's not so odd looking now.  She is completely use to not having her full tail now.

Tail or no tail, Honey loves her Ducky.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Glad she is finally healing and all is well. We used to have that Ducky, but Keeya is a chewer (when you're not looking) which tells you she knows it's wrong! So he got sewed back up once then she chewed him again and he had to be tossed.

    Have a nice weekend with your pups, Sue.


  2. Oh HOney is such a lovely color (DD's Ogee is this color, very glistening coat, and deep rich ebony). Her poor tail...looks quite odd, and I expect feels odd to her as well. She will get used to it though, it's amazing how creatures can adapt. Main thing is she & you won't be having any of the previous problems.Not fun for either of you! TFS the update. Have a good wkend. Hugs

  3. Sue, Polly made a hole in the stitching of the Ducky. honey then degutted it, so it is awaiting medical attention:)

    MaryH, My girls do have very shiny coats. She has totally adjusted to the loss of her tail.

    1. Good to hear the adjustment has gone well, and she's not 'hunting' for the missing part!!! Also even better to hear she will not have any more of this type of problems. Better for both of you!!

    2. Thanks MaryH.

  4. I wondered, knowing nothing about these sorts of things, if Honeys balance would be affected after the op so I am glad to hear she is coping well. I suppose in one way it was more of an ordeal for you Sue, than it was for her - they have a way of just coping that I could learn from!

  5. Only human beings are self conscious about how their body parts look. Too bad we all cannot take a cue from the animal kingdom! So glad Honey is healing well. XO

  6. Laura, If Honey was running it could effect her balance, particularly on turns, but sadly she doesn't get the chance to run, as there's nowhere safe to let her off.

    Donna, Thank you. Yes, we could learn qa lot from the animals.

  7. Such a sweet girl. She probably never saw her tail anyway. LOL. So glad she is healed. And she looks great. Give both girls hugs.

  8. April, Thanks. The girls say thanks for the hugs.


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