Monday, 11 April 2016

Polly's Dental

Well Polly went in for a dental and her nails to be cut this morning.  Should have been routine but.......

Vet phoned around 12.45pm.  Turns out Polly needed 11 out.  Going to cost £300 more than their quote for just cleaning of £142.  Not worried about the cost, but they were struggling to keep Polly’s temperature up, so they haven’t been able to do all the teeth in this op.  I hate the thought of her going back and being put under again, as the anaesthetic really isn’t good for Greyhounds and now she has had this reaction with loss of body heat (which can kill) I am going to be even more worried.
Had a phone call around 2pm to say she was coming round from the anaesthetic, but still low body temperature.  I asked if when I collected her I should bring a coat and she asked if I could take coats down straight away.  I took her night time coat and a fleece lined coat, so that could use both or one at a time.  I went into the kennelling area and the vet nurse was sitting on the floor in Polly’s kennel.  Polly had layers on top of her and also they had filled latex gloves with warm water and layed them on her.  There was a heater plugged in.  They’d wrapped her feet in bubble wrap and covered with bandages to also try and get her temperature up.  Polly lifted her head when she heard me and the nurse said that was a good sign.
Picked Polly up at 5pm.  They took 4 easy ones out and one that took 45 minutes, then had to stop.  In about three weeks she will have to go back in for the remaining ones to be done.  There are some that definitely have to come out and some that they aren’t sure about.  I said for them to take any they think might cause a problem in the future, as I don’t want her in a year or twos time when she is 11 needing to go through this.
She has just eaten a little soft canned food with a Rimadyl, which will help with any pain.  If she hadn’t eaten tonight she would have had to have a pain killing injection in the morning.  The main pain will be from the big one they had so much trouble getting out.  She has stitches there that will dissolve.  She has to have soft food for a week, so I am expecting runny poos, as she doesn't do well on that type of food.  They gave me two tins of the special food, but I will go out tomorrow and buy some cheaper brand to cover the week.  I can also wet her dry complete food, but she’d not be up to that for a few days.
Vet mentioned that if she get’s an infection in the big hole, it might mean taking her to one of their places that has a dental x-ray.  They had tried to do an x-ray, but couldn’t get it to show the one tooth they were really bothered about.
Polly is at times dribbling a little blood, but not much.  Thinking I may have to sleep in here tonight.

Honey was very concerned when Polly came home.  I think it's the smell of the vets and blood.
So as you can imagine I’ve not done anything today except worry.  Good job I am already grey:)

Now go and hug your hound/s.


  1. Poor baby. I can feel for you on this, as we were in this kind of situation with Dallas at Christmas time. I'm glad Polly felt a bit better when she saw her Mommy. Expect she was very frightened and also with the procedures, not much fun. Hope she is doing well with the eating, pain management, and keeping the body heat. This was something I did not know. Our grands are about 9 (2 sisters) and 5. The Doxie is about 11-13, questionable on his age. He had to have his teeth removed...think they left one. Good luck to the both of you, and hope all continues to go well with the recovery. TFS the update. Pats to Polly & Honey.

  2. MaryH, Thanks for stopping by.

    My girls thank you for the pats. They are both doing much better.

  3. Oh my! I can't even imagine, Sue! Hope things are soon looking up! XO

  4. Donna, Thank you.

  5. Oh no, you and your pups have been dealing with a lot lately. Hope she is better soon. Don't like the teeth thing and don't like having to have an older dog put under, hard on them. But, you have to do what you have to do for them when they need care. Hoping this corner is turned soon and you can get back to normal with them.


  6. Sue, I'm hoping we can stop visiting the vet every week soon. Dreading that Polly has to go in again for a dental, but will try and forget about that until I book her in in four months time.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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