Saturday, 2 April 2016

UPDATE on Honey & Polly - Some Good News and Some Bad News

Good News:

Polly's blood test all came back fine.  Whatever the test was for the Liver, showed a slight rise, but it was still inside the normal range, so the vet said all ok.

Vet said to increase her food by giving her a bit more and dividing it between two meals.  We'll keep an eye on her weight to make sure she doesn't keep loosing and also that she doesn't gain too much.

Polly is booked in for a dental and nail cut on Monday 11th April.  Vet didn't think she would need any out, but due to her age (9) she advised she has the dental now.

Her nails grow very fast, they are very thick and black so you can't see the quicks, so best to do them whilst she's out for the dental.

Bad News:

Honey's tail has an infection beginning and she opened it up again this morning.  Vet has said for her to have 50mg Rimadyl a day to hopefully get the swelling down and help with the pain.  She has a fresh dressing on, but it is showing a little blood, so she has opened it yet again.

As she keeps opening up the wound by whacking her tail when she wags it, it isn't healing.  Vet advised she has the tail amputated.  She's booked in for Tuesday 5th April.

Please send my girls positive healing thoughts for their procedures.

Now go and hug your hound/s.


  1. The good news is great but poor Honey having to lose her tail :'( the poor doggie xxx
    Sending loads & loads of positive healing thoughts for both girls and especially Honey. And twice as many again from Robbie & Rosie

  2. Awwwww Sending lots of love to them both and to you too Sue. xxx

  3. Di, I and the girls thank you, Robbie and Rosie for the hugs and positive healing thoughts.

    Pat, Thank you very much.

  4. Aww the poor girls

    Give them a cuddle from me & Strudel


  5. I like the good news! And the bad news could be worse. I've had a cocker spaniel, 2 basenjis and a Yorkie who have nubs and they didn't seem to mind. They can actually still wag them. :-) The basenjis actually didn't have nubs, their tails curled up, but you get the point. Hugs coming your way. :-)

  6. That's good news about Polly. And a good idea to get her nails done while she is under. Beryl is getting a bit thinner than I'd like so I'm increasing her food a bit too. Can't say the same about Asher, he is cuddlier than I'd like!

    I'm sure all will go well with Honey and I hope that is the end of your vet visits for a long time!

  7. Poor Honey. I hope the surgery goes well, and bless her, she'll be so confused about things when she's home again. It's so hard that they can't understand why we do these things to them! Good luck with the dental & pedicure too. Better to have the experts do this, than chance any distress. Best wishes go to both girls, and yourself. Know this is difficult for you, but you don't want that infection to take hold. Glad the test results were ok as well. TFS & Pats all round to those who are needing them!

  8. Carol, The girls thank you for the cuddle.

    April, Thanks. My main concern with both girls going under, is Greyhounds don't tolerate anaesthetic very well. Greyhounds have different chemistry to other breeds, so various test, medications, etc., can be harmful to them.

    Sue, Thanks. Hope Beryl's weight picks up with the extra food. Polly was delighted to get the complete food for her breakfast.

    MaryH, Thank you. The girls thank you for the pats.

  9. Good luck with the anesthetic. I'm not sure I knew this about greys. Prayers that all will go well, and that she will adjust quickly to the shorter wag.

  10. So sorry to hear Honey's tail has worsened, Sue. Hope they are soon much better. Sue, both our fur children are Rescues. They are actually fed at the same time we eat three times a day, with a snack at bed time. This is because they were literally starving when they joined our family. We easily moderate they weight (highs and lows) because their bodies can better accept and digest their meals.

    Best wishes to your sweeties. Love, de

  11. MaryH, Thank you very much.

    Donna, All three of the Greyhounds I have had came to me under weight. Ideally they should be a little above their racing weight, but no more than 3kgs above. All mine were under their racing weight.

    Polly is certainly enjoying the complete kibble for breakfast.

  12. You and your sweet fur kids have sure had a lot going on these days. Poor Honey, doing something that comes naturally when she is happy, like wagging her tail, has caused her so much pain and you so much work. I sure hope that both girls get through their procedures like champs and you can return to normal. It' so hard to see them hurting. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


  13. Sue, Thank you for stopping by and your kind wishes.


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