Friday, 1 April 2016

Update On My Girls

Took girls back to the vets yesterday morning.

Vet took off the longer dressing on Honey's tail and said the lower part of her tail looked swollen.  She thought as the dressings had moved down the tail it had started to cut off the circulation.  She redressed it, but with a dressing like the first time, but she did add an extra layer.

So far the dressing is staying in place and no blood.  Got to go back tomorrow morning, when they will see if she needs another dressing or not.

Polly's wee sample was clear, so decided to have the blood test done.  Would have cost £112 odd, but for another £10 it would be a very comprehensive test that covers all but the rare things, so I agreed to that.  They may have the results tomorrow, but if not they'll ring me next week.

Poor Polly stood so tense whilst they got the blood, her back legs went into spasms.  As soon as she could move she was fine.

Honey with her new dressing.

Polly tired out after the vets.

Don't forget to give your hound/s a hug.


  1. Oh the poor poppets!
    I have my fingers crosses for my dear Polly

  2. Poor girls. It is stressful going to the doctor. I hope all results are good. Have a great weekend.

  3. Laura, Thanks.

    April, Thanks. No phone call today, so assume either not results back yet, or they showed nothing serious and will tell me tomorrow.

  4. Hope they are soon feeling perky again, Sue. It's so sweet how they care about each other. Love and Trust are so beautiful in our families - especially when the fur children entrust themselves to our care. Take care of you, too, Sue. I know it is difficult for you as well. love, de

  5. Donna, Thank you.


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