Thursday, 21 April 2016

Update on Polly & Honey

Today Honey and Polly had a check up at the vet.

Polly is now signed off.  She'll have her annual jabs in June and then she will get booked in for the rest of her dental.

Honey had her stitches out and she is now signed off as well.

Now we can take it easy with no vet visits for a while.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Good to hear the girls are doing so well, and have been released from the vet's care for the moment. Now you all can relax a bit perhaps. TFS

  2. Hi MaryH, Thanks. Yes we can all relax for a bit now.

  3. I am so glad to hear that the girls have been given a clean bill of health. Give them hugs from me.

  4. That's great news Sue! Always good to have healthy, well dogs :)

  5. April, Thanks.

    The girls thank you for their hugs and send some right back to you (((April))).

    Sue, Thank you. It sure is a relief to not have to go to the vets every week.

  6. Thank goodness you are such a conscientious mom! I'm sorry all three of you have experienced these hardships the past several weeks. Hoping good health is visiting you ALL from now on. Hugs, de

  7. Donna, Thank you. We are all doing well thanks.

  8. So glad to get the good news, Sue! I somehow missed about the tail, so I've gone back through your posts! Goodness, what a mess with all that blood! Poor baby and poor you! I hope your girls really do settle down so you have no more vet visits until June!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

  9. Yeah for good health!! I completely know the feeling. Constant vet visits can be very draining in so many ways.

  10. Darnell, Thank you very much.

    Trina, Thank you.

  11. Finally all good news! Glad you and your girls are relaxing and not having to go to the Vet so often!


  12. Sue, Thanks. Yes, at last we can relax for a bit.


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