Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dog Show

My friend Hilary picked me and Honey up at midday and we went to a dog show at the boarding kennels she sometimes uses.

I had left Polly at home, as her Arthritis was playing up and frankly it would have been too much for her, especially as there were different breeds of dogs (she's frightened of dogs she doesn't know).

There was a walk first, which you could do a short one or longer one.  We chose the shorter one and promptely missed a turning and so ended up doing a long one:)  We met a lady who had only had her Greyhound (from the same place as I got Honey) two weeks, so she joined us.

Honey was smitten with her lad called Ted.  He was a beautiful brindle.  We've swapped numbers in the hope we can get together for a walk.

Here's Hilary with all the dogs (not Ted, as he left with his mum earlier), before we got in the car to come home.  Couldn't get even one photo where every dog was looking at me:)

Here are two photos Hilary took.  She had the same problem with not all the dogs loooking the same way.

Weather was lovely, although the wind picked up and it went a little cloudy and temps dropped.  Seemed worse at it had been sunny and warm for most of the time.

Here's Honey back home too tired to stand up and show off her rossette.  I entered her into the Prettiest Bitch', but we were robbed and not even placed.  Everyone who took part got a rosette.  The class was won by Hilary's female Greyhound, so we were pleased about that.

Polly was so pleased to see us, she did some zoomies round the flat:)
I am hoping we will all have a good night and a lay in.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day, shame Polly had to miss it but best for her to. I agree Honey, you were robbed !!

  2. You deserve a recount. Honey definitely should have won!

  3. Poor Polly, hope the arthritis flare eases fast. Some really glamourous dogs out strolling the show. Glad to hear you were able to go for an outing, and get some nice doggie fun. Have a great week. TFS -pats to the poochies.

  4. Di, It was a good time.

    Trina, Well as my friend won, we don't mind:)

    MaryH, Polly was still a bit stiff this morning, but a bit better than yesterday.

    The girls say thanks for the pats.

  5. Well Honey would have been my winner! Beautiful with her slightly greying chops x
    Hugs for Polly, hope her pain eases x

  6. Looks like a fun time with all the folks and their Greyhounds. My sister used to be in a group and all had pugs and had such fun. Good for both the humans and the dogs, great socialization. Our dog runs around the house about 50 MPH whenever we come home after being out too. So glad to see us.
    Great pics of your fun day.


  7. I hope Honey doesn't let that hurt her self esteem. She seems to have recovered. LOL. Such a lovely group of fur babies. Have a great week.

  8. Laura, Thank you. To be honest there was a stunning brindle Great Dane and we all thought that would have won.

    Sue, It was fun. Good for the Greys to mix with other breeds. Honey found a friend in a little Poodle/Lab mix. I was a bit wary to start with, as it was small and fluffy, but Honey was fine and didn't even mind when it kept trying to give her a kiss.

    I only have a small one bedroom flat, so not much room for zoomies:)

    April, Honey just assumes she won, as she got a rosette and I don't have the heart to tell her:)

  9. I think happy fits exactly with some colors...some are somber, some are rich, and some are just happy in feel. But you must remember, I'm someone who can 'smell green' - so you have to take that into consideration I think! Hugs

  10. Oh yes, Honey is definitely a winner, and I'd tell her no different!

  11. MaryH, You did make me smile with 'someone who can smell green':)

    Thank you. I think so, but I might be biased:)

  12. Sounds like a great day out for everyone, and wise to leave Polly at home!

  13. Greyhounds CAN Sit, It was fun.


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