Thursday, 12 May 2016

My Girls

My girls.

We've had temps in the low 20s, but even so as soon as the temps drop a couple of degrees my girls want covering up.

Hotter day, so happy not to be covered by the blanket.

Honey fast asleep.

Now go hug your hound/s.


  1. They're so beautiful x

  2. They are so cute the way they enjoy being covered up, Sue. Do they ever cover themselves up, or do you tuck them in? They are so sweet in every way! Sue, you can tell they feel so loved and safe with you. hugs, de

  3. Laura, I think so, but I may be biased:)

    Donna, They do what is known as nesting, where they will scrap at the bedding and try and get it just how they want it. They don't get it over them though, so that's when mum comes to the rescue.

  4. So fun to see how the girls will cozy down when the temps drop. They don't have a lot of 'fat' to keep them warm so guess this is why. Good that you have lots of companionship when the weather is frosty! Happy wkend to all of you. TFS

  5. MaryH, You are right, they don't have much fur, but also they don't have much fat. This means they can get hypothermia and in hot temperatures can get heat stroke.

  6. How funny are your girls. I love their blankies. Aren't they sweet when they're sleeping. ;-) Hug them for me.

  7. April, They are sweet when they are asleep, just like children:)

    They thank you for the hugs.

  8. My childhood daycare mother had a greyhound. His name was Chicko. :)

  9. SusanLotus, They are becoming known as great pets now.


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