Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Great Global Greyhound Walk 19th June, 2016

Well today was the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk.  Until this year it was called the Great British Greyhound Walk, but as walks were taking place all over the world on the 19th June (for 2016), they changed the name. 

I went with Hilary to the walk held by the Retired Greyhound Trust where she got Flora and Milo and I got Honey from.

This year we had 48 dogs.  All sighthounds are allowed, so we had some stunning Slaukis, some Spanish Galgos and a Pondeco.

Leaving the car park on a lovely shaded trail.

Almost back to the car park.  We only did a shorter walk, as we arrived late and the others had already set off.

The car park was right by this lovely picnic area.

Hilary with Honey, Milo and Flora (from left to right).

This is a Pondeco like the one that was there.

This is a Saluki.  There were two light coloured ones and a beautiful ginger/red one.

I bought these.  A zip bag and a zip poo bag holder, although it could be used for other things.  I have a feeling Jan over at made these.  They were very popular.

Hilary won three raffle prizes (a bottle of Bucksfizz and two lots of chocolate biscuit bars).  One of which she gave to me.  I won two raffle prizes.  I got a lovely pair of purple earrings, and some notelets.  We were able to pick what we wanted.  

When we got back to Hilary's her Pointer Sofia and my Polly had been fine.  The lady who went in to let them out into the garden, left a note saying Polly went silly in the garden.  Still life in the old girl:)  She'd also taken Polly for a short walk.

Girls have just had their dinner and are now fast asleep.

We hope you have had a lovely Sunday.

Noew go and hug your hound/s.


  1. Hi, Sue! Looks like a wonderful day for everyone involved. Do the dogs enjoy getting together also? All the greenery and happiness in the photos makes me want to take a walk! Thanks for sharing your day! xxoo

  2. Donna, Yes, the dogs do enjoy being together.

    They have a monthly walk at the same place, but as it's almost an hour to get to (and that's from Hilary's. It's almost one and a half hours away for me), it's a bit far to go just for a walk. Sometimes they have the odd walk nearer and we try to go to those.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day with a friend and her pups. Pictures are lovely, so green and lush looking. Nice to get out and meet people with the same interests and see all the different dogs. Never even heard of either of those other two breeds, but they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your day.

  4. Glad that you had nice weather to enjoy your walkies in this pretty place. Congratulations on winning some prizes too. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the handsome poochies, and I can imagine ALL of you enjoyed the outing. TFS & have a grand week. Pats to the girls as well. Imagine the walkers will be having a good rest up! Hugs

  5. Sue, Thanks for stopping by. We were so lucky with the weather, as today has been dismal, with torrential rain till around 4pm when the rain stopped and the sun came out and temps rose, along with the humidity.

    MaryH, Thanks for stopping by.

    Girls say thanks for the pats and send doggy hugs to you.

    My girls, or should that be Honey, didn't wake me till 6.20am, which is late for her. they have both been sleeping most of today:)

  6. Is a pondeco also known as a pharaoh hound? I used to have basenjis. They are a hound too. I can't remember if they were sight hounds. I love the white tips on the dogs with the black coats. What a fun day. Have a great start to your week.

  7. April, I think the Pondeco and Pharaoh Hounds are different breeds, although they do have a similar look.

    Both my girls have white socks, white tail tips and white under their chest down to their tummys. This particular combination is called a Tuxedo:)


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