Wednesday, 15 June 2016

WOYWW 15th June, 2016

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At the moment Jan   is standing in for Julia.

Well my friend Julie helped me get the remaining new furniture sorted, so we got my desk turned round and my crafting corner all set up.  Still got my old desk, but the two units against the wall are new.

You can just see the blue basket, which had the cards I made up with the gubbins I showed last week.

I have my printer on the corner unit and then my lappy on the next one, with its mouse and pad (hate using the touch pad).  The little blue basket holds my recycling, which gets emptied into a big bag in my kitchen.  The shelves underneath have my shredder and then boxes with crafting stash.  My scanner is on top of the boxes.

Oh and the girls water bowl:)

Here's one of the cards I got finished.  This card is for a swap where the theme is Sunshine.  I think this cute image of the hedgehog with his flower parasol fits the theme just fine.  Don't know where I got the little Ladybird bug from, but I thought it set the card off as the card is red.

Happy WOYWW.


  1. Cute card ... great set up in your craft room. Nothing quite like getting organised.
    sandra de @34

  2. Hi Sue, love the card! That hedgehog is lovely. Great shots of your workspace. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  3. It looks like a fun crafting corner. Bet you'll enjoy it. I love the card. I love hedgehogs and the ladybird is a nice touch.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #39

  4. Lovely to get your own crafting corner set up- so much easier to get going each time you sit to craft with everything in its place.
    The card is so sweet - the ladybird is a lovely touch!
    Happy WOYWW

  5. Cute card - I wanna be that character in the chair. happy crafting donna #13

  6. I agree, the ladybird does set off the card but it is a lovely card anyway. I love the hedgehogs and this is just how summer should be. Sitting in a chair enjoying the warmth. (said from the Brrr north of England).
    Have a good week,
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  7. What an amazingly efficient use of your space... I NEED more photos (GRIN) because I want to see EVERYTHING! I too HATE the touch pad and have several wireless mouses (mice?) stored in corners all over the house just in case I might need one! Happy WOYWW, Scrapbooking Artist, Lynne Mizera #46

  8. That card is adorable. I love the blue flower. I assume it is one of Penny Blacks stamps. It looks like it. Your desk cubby is looking good. So clean and tidy. You need to mess it up. :-)
    Have a great day.

  9. April, Thank you. Yes it is Penny Black image. I don't have the stamp, but someone sent me some images.

    Mess it up???? I don't do mess:) LOL

    Lynne, Thanks. Had to laugh at you with a mouse in every corner. Are you sure they aren't the sort that like cheese?:) LOL

    Neet, Thank you. Hope you get some weather where you can sit out.

    Donna, Thanks. Hope you also get to sit out. I don't have a garden, so no where to sit out.

    Caz, thanks. Yes it is much better as now it is it's own space in the corner of my living room, and not encroaching on the rest of the living room.

    Sharon, Thank you. It is much better, as I have more room on my desk now, so easier to spread out a bit to craft. If I want to spread out even more, I have a small folding table I can put up.

    Shaz, Thank you. I'll have to put more photos up (as requested by Lynne:)), as I bought new furniture and have a large sideboard full of my crafting things. I actually got two and the other has some crafting stash as well.

    Sandra de, Thanks. I love to be organised:)

  10. that's quite some reshuffle! Love the card too. Helen #5

  11. Great set up Sue. Love the card for the swap ( I sadly can't join in again- hopefully soon) I think I have the same box file thingy I spotted ;-) Anne x 23

  12. Helen, Thank you.

    Anne, Thanks. I hope you will be able to take part soon.

  13. Cute card! I have to laugh at myself - I looked at the pictures first and thought what is that? I small port-a-pottie? then I realized it was the water bowl for you dog!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #42

  14. You were able to put together two new pieces of furniture AND set up a crafting area AND create a card! Wow! I love the little credenza area you have set up against the wall, Sue. That should make your crafting much more convenient! I love your set up! Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Sue. hugs, de

  15. Enjoyed seeing your new craft space. Looks very cozy, efficient AND tidy! (teehee at the waterbowl...they don't have to bend so far. DD has something similar for the greys, but the doxie is right on the floor). The little hedgie is adorable. I LOVE that image- cute the way you've added the ladybug. TFS & hugs & pats where appropriate.

  16. Diane, Porta Pottie:) LOL I have just moved it into the kitchen. When the heating is on, I have the sliding door closed to the kitchen, so they have to have their water bowl in my living room. Now the door is open, they can go into the kitchen for a drink.

    Donna, I didn't do it all on the same day. Also my friend Julie came over to help me move it how I wanted it.

    MaryH, Thank you.

    Some Greyhound owners don't have the bowl stands, but they resemble Giraffes if they have to reach a bowl on the floor.

  17. How fun and exciting...great space for you to enjoy and be creative. Have a fun weekend.

  18. Sue, DD just sent me a link, that I thought perhaps you might enjoy...about the ancient history of your favorite poochies. (hope this works for you to open it ok). Hugs

  19. MaryH, Thanks for the link. I will have a look.

    Sylvia, Thank you.

    You haven't put your number, but hopefully I'll be able to find you.

  20. Sue, so organized, love it. My room never looks that good. Too much stuff I'm afraid. Love the hedgie card so cute and the lady bug is perfect!


  21. Sue, Most of my crafting stuff is now in the two new sideboards I got recently:)

    Thanks. Glad you liked the card.


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