Saturday, 16 July 2016

Fun With Friends

A short time ago I came across a website that listed enclosed fields for letting dogs off lead.  I went onto the site and looked to see what was close to me.  Told my friend Hilary about it and we went and had a look.

Last Thursday we had our second visit with the dogs.  The owner is in the process of raising the fences from 4.5ft to 6ft.  He has done two sides, but until the other two sides are done, I cannot let Honey off, as she is too prey driven.  The place is like a small farm and they have horses, donkeys, goats and several small critters, so I would not want Honey to bounce over the fences and have a snack.

Anyway, Hilary was very brave and let her two Greyhounds and her PointerX off lead.  You might just be able to make out the dogs off lead in the first two photos.  In the second photo, that's Honey watching on.  I had added another lead to hers, so she had more freedom.  She wasn't overly bothered that she wasn't off lead.

Sofia, Hilary's PointerX that was rescued from Spain.

Sofia came up to me.  Hilary left a lead on her in case she wasn't easy to catch.  Honey panting well, despite not being able to run.

Now this handsome lad is Milo.  He's Hilary's big boy and I adore him.

Honey again.  I don't take Polly as it would mean taking my car, as we all couldn't get into Hilary's.  Also despite being 9, she is still prey driven, so until the higher fences are finished she couldn't be let off anyway.

Hilary's Flora.  She came from the same rescue kennels as Honey.  In fact they were neighbours:)

The owner has put a bench in the field, so we can sit down and will also make a shelter.

We are trying to go to the paddock once a fortnight.  It takes about 50 minutes to get there and costs£10 for an hour for up to four dogs.  Extra dogs are £1.50 each.  They also have 30 minute slots for £6.

Well we hope you have a lovely weekend.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Such a fun day for everyone! Gorgeous greenery and blu skies! Hugs, de

  2. Donna, We have been very lucky so far with the weather.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a lovely place for the pups (and you owners) to enjoy some green & sunshine. Bet it was very relaxing for all of you. These greys can be so difficult to catch if they don't want to be caught, or think it's fun to have you pursue them. We accidently let one of DD's slip past the door as we were trying to put on her leash, and took forever to get her to return to us. All the time, we're fretting that if she leaves the yard, how will we explain this to the DD. Thankfully after a fun chase, we were able to lure her with treats, but it was scary for us...but she had a ball. Best to have high fences if they're off the leash. TFS the pretty areas. Pats where appropriate!

  4. MaryH, It is heart stopping when a dog get's loose. Actually the worst thing you can do is try and chase a Greyhound and any dog come to that. You are unlikely to ever catch them and they will think it's a game. Best thing is treats. If you have another dog with you make a big fuss of it and give it treats, that will often get the other dog to come over. Another thing to try is to slowly walk in the opposite direction, all the time calling the dogs name.

    My girls say thanks for the pats.

  5. What a great space and idea this man has. We have dog parks here, but nobody watches their dog or cleans up after them, so we never take our girl there. We do walk her and she loves to go on an adventure, but it has been so hot here we haven't gone for awhile, with all the fur she carries on her and the heat, we will wait for cooler days. Looks like a good time was had by all!


  6. Sue, It's something that is taking odd here. Dog parks are rare here and they are often disgusting as people don't pick up after their dogs.

    Very wise to wait for cooler days.


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