Friday, 29 July 2016

Honey Off Lead

Well I bit the bullet and let Honey off lead at the field yesterday.  As you can see from this short video she had a blast.

At the start of the video she is the second black dog running towards the camcorder.

Hope you have a fab Friday and a lovely weekend.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Wow what a great field to let them off in!! No wonder they all looked so happy��

  2. Di, Honey was so pleased to be off the lead.

  3. Weren't they having such great fun! Lovely to see them romping and running, and just doing what they were born to do. TFS & Happy wkend.

  4. Looks like a fun day for all the fur kids! Thanks for sharing your outing! XXOO

  5. MaryH, There's no doubt they love to run. My Ho9ney and Hilary's Sofia (the Pointer) are the youngsters in the group, so they will probably run more than the others, who are happy to have a little spurt and then just mooch about.

    Donna, Thanks for stopping by.

  6. You can see they are really loving that! Great idea to have the travel waterbowl too.
    Thank you for your sweet comment about Dip on Genji's Corner, it meant a lot to me.

  7. Ah,happy dogs... is there anything better? Love watching them x

  8. Lynne, That's the first time the travel bowl has been a hit. I always take it with me if I am out for more than just the usual walk. Honey was the last one to use it.

    I know your Dip will be playing with my fur babies at The Bridge.

    Laura, Nope:)


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