Saturday, 23 July 2016

Keeping Cool

We have had temperatures of up to 33 and for us that it a rarity.  Needless to say as we aren't use to it, a lot of people were struggling.  My girls, like most Greyhounds can't deal with the heat.  As they don't have much body fat, they can't insulate themselves against cold or hot temperatures.

I've had to have the curtains closed in my living room and the fans on.  If we had temps like that every year for most of the summer I would invest in an AC unit.  Whilst the weather is definitely changing, with the seasons not being so distinct now, the high temps are still rare.

Honey cooling her tummy.

Polly prefers to lay on the dog pad on the floor when it's hot.

Honey woke just as the camera clicked:)

We hope you are keeping cool.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. It has been very warm here, too. But we have central AC because our summers can often times be brutal. I hope you all are able to stay cool. :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi April, We don't have the hotter weather enough to have AC.

    The tower fan I got yesterday is fab and my girls love it.

  3. We'd really suffer if we did not have the a/c. In the South USA, it's really a necessity, although I didn't grow up having it. I imagine this kind of heat is so unusual in the UK. We have grown to just expect the intense summer heat. Hard on the Pups though. DD's just stay inside except for the necessary visits outdoors, and then they get in the pool a lot too. Just as hard for the puppies as it is for humans I think. Glad your girls can keep cool. TFS & Happy Sunday.

  4. Bet your girls are looking forward to cooler weather. After a couple days of 35C temps here, our A/C froze up, and needed recharging. The pups were not happy about it. We have a portable A/C unit for emergencies like this, so most of the pups (or course we had 10 in the house at the time) were hanging out in the bedroom where the A/C was.

  5. Hope cooler days soon visit, Sue! We have been hotter as well. Our German Shepherd prefers the hardwood floors to his rugs during 9 months of the year. Much cooler! But he does not like fans. He is, however, an AC addict! LOL take care, Sue! XXOO

  6. MaryH, Should think you also get high humidity which is the real energy zapper.

    The pups are lucky to have a pool to cool off in.

    genji, Thank goodness you had a back up AC unit. Can just imagine 10 dogs all crammed round the unit:)

    Donna, My girls could go and lay in the kitchen, which would be cooler but they never have.

  7. We are hot here too. No rain until yesterday for 82 days. Our Keeya does not like the heat either, with all that fur. I did see that you could buy mats that stay cool, might have to invest in one if these summers keep getting hotter and staying that way for long periods. Fall can't come soon enough!


  8. Sue, I'v had a look at some cooling mats, but some need to be recharged, by letting them cool down without the dog on them, so that means you'd need to, so one could be in use and the other getting cold. Not sure if they are all like that.

    Like you at the moment we don't have it hot enough for long enough to get them.


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