Sunday, 7 August 2016

Open Garden For Charity

Today I went with my friend Hilary to an open garden.  They were raising money for various charities.

The beautiful cottage, which was The Rectory, is situated by the side of the village church and is surrounded by mature trees.

When the present owners bought the cottage 12 years ago, they uncovered this owl under years of foliage.  All they know if is came from Kings Lynn, Norfolk and was called Mabel.

The various flower beds are full of established plants and a riot of colour from not only the flowers, but also by the colour of the stems and leaves of the various plants and shrubs.

A Dahlia.

This intriguing wall was on one side of the cottage.  It appears to have the emblems of England - The Tudor Rose, Wales - The Leek, Scotland - The Thistle and Ireland - The Shamrock.

You can just make out a few Doves and Pigeons looking out of the Dovecote.

This Bantam had three little chicks, but they are too well camouflaged by the gravel path. 


The pond had some very large fish in it.

A photo from inside the little church which dates to the 13th Century.

In the 18th century two members of the Nelson family were rectors, Edmund Nelson, Lord Nelson's Father's 1st cousin and namesake, who were at Cambridge together, and Nelson's 2nd cousin James Rose Edmund Nelson.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


  1. What a lovely post, and I loved seeing all the pictures of this gorgeous place. How wonderful that you had a nice outing, with plenty of sunshine to enjoy the scenery. Imagine being able to live in such a place - but then, think of all the restoration work (and expense) involved in keeping it so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your day with us and posting the pictures. Hugs

  2. What a lovely estate, Sue, and such gorgeous colors, walking paths and statuary. It must be incredible walking on the same floors as worshippers 700 years ago! The architecture of the buildings and gardens is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, de

  3. MaryH, Glad you enjoyed seeing the photos.

    Donna, Glad you liked the photos. I love Mediaeval history, so the church in particular was very interesting to me.

    1. Sue, I've enjoyed the English Medieval period as well, and old churches everywhere, always fascinate me. Love seeing the 'cottages' of the UK, as well as the stately homes. Appreciate you sharing the fun with the rest of us.

    2. MaryH, You are very welcome.

  4. What a lovely place to visit. Did they sell preserves or anything you could buy?
    The gardens are beautiful and love those decorative tiles. Pity they don't build houses like that any more.

  5. Lynne, The only thing they were selling were some plants, but as I don't have a garden I didn't buy any.

    We did have a cup of tea, with a slice of homemade chocolate cake. Both served in/on bone china tea set. Very posh:)

  6. The gardens are lovely and that church is beautiful. You've been doing a lot of sight seeing lately. :-) Have a great week.

  7. April, Glad you enjoyed seeing my photos.

    Not a lot of sightseeing, just everything in a short space of time:)


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