Friday, 19 August 2016

Photos Of The Gang

Last time at the farm field whilst I took videos of the dogs, Hilary took photos.

Flora and Polly, with Honey in the distance.  Don't know what they had all seen.

Something caught their attention.

Sofia after a treat.

Sofia getting a treat.

Milo starting to roll in the damp grass.

Me with Polly and Honey.


Sofia and Honey.

Sofia after another treat.

Polly by the gate.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Such pretty girls. I know they love being able to run around and sniff freely. :-) Give Polly and Honey a hug for me.

  2. April, My girls say thanks for the hugs.

  3. If I had to caption it, it would be...
    "I swear I saw a rabbit over there!"
    They just love it there, don't they. What a kind thing for that farmer to do.

  4. Lynne, Or a cat:)

    The farm does charge, but it's not that much. This idea of hiring out enclosed areas for dogs to run off lead is growing here.

  5. Ooh, fun at the farm. People love dropping off their dogs to run around in my big back yard.

  6. genji, You do have a lovely back yard. My girls would love it.

  7. Aren't they all just so graceful and magnificent! Enjoyed seeing these pretties, and so glad you have a lovely place to take them for some fun. They do love their treats, don't they? (well, don't we all?!) TFS & Hugs & Pats where appropriate.

  8. MaryH, Yes, I agree with you, but I may be biased:)

    Oh they certainly do love their treats. Honey is the only one that often won't take a treat whilst out. I never turn down a treat:) LOL

    Thanks for the hugs and the girls say thanks for the pats. We send some right back to you.

  9. How great that they can be off leash and run around. Nice pictures, Sue.


  10. Sue, It is lovely to watch them enjoying the freedom.


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