Sunday, 28 August 2016

Staying With Hilary

Last Wednesday I had an unexpected day in hospital.  Due to a dosage rise in one of my tablets, I ended up having to have Potassium intravenously.

Hilary kindly said she'd have my girls.  She even dropped me off and picked me up from the hospital, as it's a nightmare finding somewhere to park.

Here's Polly enjoying Hilary's garden.  At least she had the sense to get into the shade.

This is Hilary's big lad Milo, with Honey laying touching his bum.

Usually it's Polly by Milo, as she adores him.

The day was stressful, but at least I knew my girls were in good hands.

Hope you have a lovely day. 

 Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. I'm so glad you're girls were well taken care of. I hope your potassium is all level now. Low levels of potassium can really mess with you and make you confused. My Grandmother had that issue one time. Hope you are feeling much much better. Give the girls a hug.

  2. April, Thank you. Now I am much better, I realise just how unwell I was feeling.

    Girls say thanks for the hugs.

  3. So sorry to hear you have not been well Sue. Hope you are feeling much better now.
    It is a big help and a comfort knowing you have someone who will take good care of your dogs, isn't it.
    Take care, Lynne

  4. Hi Lynne, Thanks. I am feeling loads better.

    Yes, it is a great relief knowing my girls will be looked after.

  5. Sorry to hear you needed to spend time in hospital. Glad you have someone who can take your babies who loves them like you do. Hope you continue to feel better each day.


  6. Sue, Thank you, I am feeling much better. I've had a blood test this morning, so really hoping I don't have to go back in.

  7. oh, Sue! I'm so sorry you had that scare, but grateful they were able to give you the needed Potassium so that you could feel better. It must be a relief knowing that you have a babysitter for the girls whenever you do need to leave them. Milo is HUGE! Hoping this finds you feeling much better, Sue. Hope your week-end is sweet! hugs, de

  8. Donna, It is a a great relief that Hilary can take my girls. Yes, Milo is a big lad.

    I am much better thanks. Just got to get the possible heart problem sorted now.

  9. Sue, hope you are feeling much improved by now. It's very scary when Potassium levels drop. I'm glad your friend was there to help out - both with you and the pups. It's easy to see they were comfortable in their temporary headquarters, and it was good that you didn't have to fret about their care, while you were taking care of yourself! Big hugs & TFS

  10. MaryH, I am fine now. Last blood test showed everything back to normal.

    The girls love being at Hilary's, as they get on so well with her two Greyhounds and Pointer.


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