Friday, 30 September 2016

Malcolm The Mallard

Well the girls got a new toy this week.  A Mallard.  We decided he looked like a Malcolm.  He didn't have a squeaker, but had stuffing that made a crinkling sound.  Honey took to him immediately and was quite disgusted when Polly started to play with him as well.

Here's Honey with Malcolm.  I did not stage these two photos, she really was cuddling him.

Sadly when I got back yesterday morning from a catch up with my friend Hilary, I found a scene that wouldn't have looked amiss on one of the CSI programmes.

Alas poor Malcolm he lives no more, as I found his guts all over the floor (should have taken a photo).  I questioned the girls asking 'Who did this?'  They were both quick to insist that they were not to blame.  Then they tried to explain.

Apparently, Malcolm had said he wasn't feeling well, so Honey had given him a good maul cuddle.  He then burped and exploded.  Well I doubted this explanation but their faces were blank,  I think they could have got an Oscar for their performance.

A needle and thread will put Malcolm right, although I think he may suffer the same fate several more times before he will end up being gutless.

Don't forget to hug your hound/s.


  1. Hehehe! Oh girls, how could you?! Poor Malcolm! :D

  2. LOL! I always marvel at dogs who carry their toys around without harming them. Our dogs would have chewed and spewed the guts all over the house! Honey is so cute! My kitty cuddles my hands and arms the same way! Partly with mouth and wrapping paws around my wrist! Thank goodness she is not a big cat! LOL hugs, de

  3. Haha, it's funny how those adorable faces can look so innocent, even when we know different!
    Malcolm looks like a great companion. Cricket's armadillo had to undergo surgery the other day too.
    Ps, thank you for the hugs, losing Dip and Ted in 2 months has been pretty depressing.

  4. Laura, Very easily:)

    Donna, There are toys here that are in one piece, yet once they find a stitch undone they go in for the de-gutting:)

    My girls said you have to be careful of those pesky cats. They can turn rabid in seconds:) LOL

  5. Lynne, I've even in the past had to put the toy into an old sock and sew up th4e sock. They will still play with it.

    I know how hard it is to let our fur babies go to The Bridge.

  6. Poor Malcolm. Many stuffed animals have met the same fate at my house. We have carcasses lying about the house. Your girls are way more creative at story telling than mine. LOL

  7. April, Honey in particular can th8ink up the most outlandish stories:) LOL

  8. Poor Malcolm. Had to chuckle at the "not me" part of your post. Have had that happen with toys with our grands as well. And they can be quite possessive with 'it's mine' too. In fact I'm pretty sure we've seen a similar Mallard in play. First thing to do with a new toy, is remove the squeaker, so it can't cause havoc if swallowed. Enjoyed seeing the girls at play. TFS & Hugs

  9. Donna, I know exactly who de-gutted Malcolm:) I make it clear to both my girls that if I want to take the toy I can. Mine have never argued amongst themselves, although Honey always wants the toy Polly is playing with:)

    Honey loves squeaky toys, but Malcolm never had a squeaker. I always take squeakers out, once they have made a hole.

  10. Well, you made my day! We have a whole bag of soft toys that have lost various limbs, eyes, ears, etc. I stitch them back together after some amputation, but they end up coming back again and again until they no longer make the savable pile. I guess it is just in their nature as hunters..........thanks for the giggle.


  11. Sue, Glad I made you giggle:)

  12. Oh the crinkly toys are favorites around here. Our toys sometimes spontaneously explode as well..curious thing.

  13. Trina, It certainly is curious all these toys just exploding:)


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