Sunday, 27 November 2016

I Love You Malcolm

Honey loves Malcolm the Mallard.  

Imagine her horror when he exploded yet again.

He had to undergo emergency surgery.  

Honey is glad to have him back.

She sure loves Malcolm.

Don't forget to hug your hounds.


  1. Looks like he came through his surgery in good shape. Poor Malcolm. LOL Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. April, Yes, Malcolm bounced right back:)

  3. I'm so glad that Malcolm survived his surgery and is able to be back and loved some more. I think our grands have a similar mallard that is dragged around, and used to be argued over when the 2 sisters were there. I don't think Ogee cares to play with toys. He's a bit aloof most of the time! TFS & she looks very content. Hugs & Pats where appropriate, and ya'll have a great week.

  4. LOL! They are sweet, Sue, even if they do try to perform surgery on their own. LOL hugs, de

  5. MaryH, My first Greyhound Song wasn't into playing, but she would chase after a tennis ball.

    Girls says thanks for the pats.

    Donna, I was actually in the room when Malcolm exploded this time. I should have known by the fact it was too quiet that Honey was up to some mischief:)

  6. LOL, if only they could make indestructible dog toys.
    I just had to repair Crickets armadillo for the umpteenth time - it is starting to look like Frankenstein!
    Lynne x

  7. That happens a lot around here too. Our pup goes between the couch and the coffee table, that's how we know she is up to no good. We had that same duck,notice I said "had", it was too late for him, beyond surgery!

    PS, the Greyhound won best of show in the National Dog Show here on Thanksgiving Day!

  8. Lynne, The only toy that I have had that stands up to the dogs are Kongs. They have had the Kong Wubba (a cross between a rabbit and an octopus) and they tend to last, but eventually everything succumbs.

    Sue, I have sometimes put a beyond saving toy into and old sock and sewed up the sock. That is often a hit.

    I saw about the Greyhound winning on another blog I go through to.


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