Saturday, 12 November 2016

Used Postal Stamps for The Retired Greyhound Trust

Collecting Used Stamps

Fundraising has never been so easy!

Recycling your used stamps is one of the easiest ways to support RGT. It only takes a few minutes to tear your stamps off the envelope, pop them in an envelope or jiffy bag (or if you're a super collector, a cardboard box!) and send them to us at: RGT Stamp Appeal, Park House, Park Terrace, Worcester Park, KT4 7JZ. 
Every kilogram of stamps that we collect can then be sold in aid of RGT and this helps us raise hundreds of pounds to support our hounds each year. Our goal is £1,500 a year which is the equivalent cost of kennelling one greyhound for 365 days.  
We collect all stamps (providing they are undamaged) from normal 1st and 2nd class UK stamps to foreign, special edition and first day covers, so please don't bin them - send them our way instead and help make a difference to the lives of retired racing greyhounds.
Please make sure you pay the correct postage on your parcel as, if postage is underpaid, we have to pay a surcharge which is sometimes more than the value of your stamps!


  1. What a good idea to raise money. If I get any stamps I will save them. The problem is that these days you always seem to get those sticky label postage things on letters and parcels.
    Lynne x

  2. Donna, It is amazing how used postal stamps can make money for the charity.

    Lynne, Bless you. I usually wait till I have enough, but not so much you can't get it through the larger slot, as then the postage is silly. As you say we tend to get the sticky labels these days.

  3. Do they take stamps from the US. I assume those would be considered foreign.

    1. Hi April, They will take postal stamps from anywhere.

  4. What a super wonderful way to recycle postage stamps. Must check to see if the DD's rescue efforts have thought of this as a fundraiser. TFS & have a good week ahead.

  5. MaryH, Even if your DD's doesn't, I'm sure someone in the America would.


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