Monday, 9 January 2017

Honey's 2nd Gotcha Day - 9th January, 2017

It's Honey's 2nd Gotcha Day today.  Can't believe I have had my mischief maker two years.

During those two years I have managed to stop her acting like a rabid Kangaroo on the end of the lead, when she sees cats or bunnies.  She still gets excited and will go up onto her toes trying to be a beautiful ballerina, whilst she lets out a few barks and occasionally the odd howl.

Around Easter of 2016 the inevitable happened.  Honey had Happy Tail and would wag her tail very vigorously and at every opportunity.  She banged her tail one time too many and split it open.  My flat resembled a crime scene and I am still finding spots of blood now.  Even got a few spots on the ceiling.  After re-opening the cut several times an infection started, so the vet said it would be best to take the tail off.  Now instead of her tail wagging her butt does.

Earlier I called Honey my mischief maker, this is because she seems to attract mischief.  Often things just happen, like her nose swiping an ornament off the window sill,  backing up and knocking over the water bowl, throwing one of the toys and it landing amongst my photo frames sending them flying.  Sometimes she throws a toy and it can take me a while to find it.  They've been on top of the curtain rail and sitting on a shelf, as if they've been put there very carefully, but it's been luck it's landed without knocking anything over.  More than once I have come home to find two or three books int he middle of the room.  Not a mark on them.  I can only assume she didn't like any of them, or maybe she had already read them.  

She is the most vocal and often does her Wolf impression.  She's the most playful and definitely the most affectionate.

She's the first Greyhound I have had that has night terrors. She can't come on my bed, as if she wakes with a start, she goes rigid, growls and the next step could be a bite, so I have to keep her off.

For all her Honeyisms I wouldn't want her any other way.


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Honey!
    You have landed on your paws in your wonderful home :)
    That must have been pretty scary when her tail split open. Sometimes Cricket wags her tail and cracks me across the shins - it hurts a lot - now we know why they call them whippets, lol.
    Lynne x

  2. Happy gotcha day Honey. You are one lucky girl. :-) Hope you do a lot of butt wagging today and everyday.

  3. Lynne, Whippet tails are like Greyhounds, all bones with a thin skin. Mind you Greyhound tails have bigger bones.

    Here you go: The name is derived from an early 17th century word, now obsolete, meaning to "move briskly". Whippets were originally greyhounds that were deemed unsuitable for hunting because of their size.

    April, She does and will:)

  4. Thanks for finding the origin of the name Whippet Sue, that is really interesting. I had read they are small sized greyhounds. I think some are used to hunt, my vet said they are anyway.
    Lynne x

  5. Happy Birthday Honey! Nice to have a sweet little bio on this Miss, and she sounds like she keeps you on your toes. Good for you that you've given her a loving home, which one day, hopefully, will see her nightmares recede far away. I laffed about the butt wagging. They get _so_ excited, they just quiver all over! TFS & Happy New Year, to you & the girls.

  6. We have had many dogs, and despite their personalities, we have always loved each one for what they where. Honey is a lucky girl that she found you to be her forever home and is cared for and loved in such a special way. And, you are lucky that you found her.


  7. Lynne, You are welcome.

    MaryH, Honey's birthday is 8th February, when she will be 6. The 9th January was when I got her.

    I get farm ore out of having Honey than she get's from me.

    Sue, I sure am lucky to have her.

  8. Hi Just catching up on posted I have missed and was reading about Honey our old greyhound had happy tail and at first the vet just tried to shorten the tail but then I picked her up she was so happy she waged the bandages off and spread blood on walls floors and ceiling, Needless to say the vets shortened it further so no future problem. Our lastest greyhound sounds abit like Honey he only seems to know about his head and the rest of his body just causes chaos but he doesnt seem to notice and things go flying - does make us laugh thougth - I could be without my hounds - enjoy yours

    Love Nicky

  9. Nicky, My vet said it would have been pointless just shortening the tail, as it would happen again. They always recommend taking enough so the tail can't hit anything.

    Yep, that's just like Honey, she's not aware of her body, or her nose:) LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.


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