Sunday, 22 January 2017

Woe Is Me

Here's my Honey from the other evening.  She looked so uncomfortable.

 The reason she is laying like this is because she hopes I will take pity on her and get Polly to move off the memory foam pads.

There are memory foam pads in the rigid dog beds, but for some reason they both like to lay on the pads.  They will go into the rigid beds and curl up happily, but when Honey wants to go on the pads, Honey expects Polly to move.  Sometimes she will stand right close to the pads and glare at Polly.  Polly takes no notice.

It's such a hard life.


  1. love your pictures, Stanley stayed at my mum last night and she has a little brindle lurcher called Millie, she will sit on mums lap until Stanley gets comfy on the chair or bed and then will go and stare at him to get him to move or worse sit on him until they move - dogs are so funny and bring light into our lives - have a great week Nicky

  2. This is cute! These pups can be so 'human', can't they? I love it when they just stand & stare at you, expecting you to 'do something'. And at our pups' house, you usually do, else they won't leave you alone! TFS & Hugs.

  3. Poor babies. They do have it hard. :-)

  4. April, Yes they do:) LOL

    MaryH, Polly is so good at ignoring Honey.

    Nicky, Sounds like your mum's lurcher is making it clear that she is boss:)

  5. They are so cute and gentle, Sue. You are a good mom, and your fur children are pure delight! Our dog absolutely refused to have anything to do with the memory foam bed - it was a huge expense. We ended up giving it to a friend, and all three dogs get on it together and snuggle. Too funny! hugs, de

  6. They always look comfy, but have to admit never have seen them sleeping on the bare floor, always in a bed. They are lucky to have such a sweet Mama, who caters to their every need. Same thing going on here, lucky pups.


  7. Sue, Mine will lay on the floor, but usually when the weather is warmer, so I assume it cools them down.

    Donna, I got the memory foam pads from a factory shop, which was much cheaper than anywhere I had seen, but still a lot as I bought 4.

  8. LOL, dogs are such great manipulators! Pity it doesn't work on their own kind.
    Cricket has learned that if she whines to go out, I will get up and open the door - that is her cue to jump in my seat! I didn't realise sighthounds were such great con artists 😂.
    Lynne x

  9. Lynne, I did chuckle at Cricket getting your seat:) they can be very sneaky:) Sue


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