Monday, 20 March 2017

I Introduce To You - Blue

Well I have a name for the Suzuki. I did think about AO, which Is blue in Japanese (Suzuki is Japanese) and the first two letters of my registration are AO. However, I put all 13 suggestions (from groups, FB, blog comments and emails) into a hat (well a bowl).

The winner is Blue suggested by Dianne Richardson.  There will be a little prize going her way.


  1. Well isn't that the perfect name. :-) I am glad the old girl has a name now.

  2. Blue is the perfect name, Sue! and it is so obvious, isn't it? LOL Now you can use multiple adjectives depending on how you feel about your trusty vehicle. Sweet! hugs, de

  3. Donna, Thank you.

  4. Blue is an excellent name! Now we know who you mean when you refer to Blue!


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