Sunday, 21 May 2017

Pijama Party

My girls and I had two of my friends dogs yesterday and over night. 

All the dogs know each other and Hilary's know me.  I have looked after them at Hilary's, but this is the first time they have stayed here.

They'll be going home this morning.


  1. ha ha, Sue, love the sleepover idea with the dogs I was expecting people - they were probably a lot easier to handle than laughing, fun times with girlfriends.

  2. Robyn, Definitely better than a group of giggling teenagers:)

  3. A slumber party through and through! I imagine all were well behaved, keeping quiet, and perfectly respectful - unlike any of the slumber parties I have attended! LOL Darling photo, Sue! hugs, de

  4. Donna, Yes they were all well behaved.

  5. I hope the girls had fun and didn't stay up all night partying. LOL

  6. April, I was up later than the girls:)

  7. Four dogs and all with large beds. What fun! Nice that you have a friend who knows you will take good care while she is away, and I assume she would do the same for you, nice arrangement. Nice for the pups too.


  8. It's easy to see they recognize a wonderful dog mama cuz they look right at home at your place, Sue! What fun for you and the girls!! Hugs, Darnell

  9. Sue, It was a bit of a squeeze, but the Greys can curl up to the size of a pillow. Hilary has looked after mine when I have had to be out for longer than I'd like to leave my girls, but only once over night. It is nice that we both know the other would look after the dogs.

    Darnell, Thank you. I did tell Hilary when she came to get them, that they had decided to live with me. Also that Polly said if that was happening, she wanted to go and live with Hilary and her big male Greyhound Milo who Polly adores.


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