Friday, 25 August 2017

Finally A Sofa

I have not had a sofa since having Greyhounds.  I know I am a terrible Greyhound owner.

My girls reckon there must be a clause in the adoption papers that states 'A sofa must be available to your Greyhound/s at all times.  If a human is on it and a Greyhound wants to get up, the human MUST move'.

There are various sized rigid dog beds in the flat.  The two in the bedroom have duvets in them.  The larger rigid bed in the living room has a memory foam pad in it.  There is also a memory foam pad on the floor in the living room.

Honey on the memory foam pad, whilst Polly waits for her to move.

Polly gave up and went and laid in the dog bed.

Then a couple of weeks ago this sofa arrived.   Thought Polly would be the one that used it the most, but for the first few days she wouldn't even get on it.  Honey needed no coaxing.

This was the first time Polly got on the sofa.

At last my girls are completely happy.


  1. hahaha you just never know with fur children - our dog never tries to get up onto the furniture, and prefers sleeping on the hard-wood floors rather than the rugs during the day. By night, he likes the rugs because they are easier to get up from. The cat flops on the floor wherever she likes, never mind that someone might step on her. Glad your girls have an assortment of beds in every room! It breaks up the monotony of the day, right? LOL have a great day, Sue! xx

  2. Donna, As Greys don't have much padding, they tend to prefer laying on something with a bit of oomph to it:)

  3. I am so glad the girls finally have a sofa. :-)

  4. April, So are they:)

  5. Oh my girl would love that! She isn't allowed on the sofa because the first thing she does is start to dig at it to make a bed! But she does get on the bed at night. Looks like comfy days ahead for your girls, but looks like they will have to take turns the way they stretch out!!


  6. Sue, Honey is a nester and digs at the beds. She's not done it to the sofa. As soon as one get's off, the other get's on. It's rarely vacant for long.


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