Friday, 15 September 2017

Polly's 5th Gotcha Day - 15th September, 2017

I can't believe that on this day five years ago I got Polly.  

Two weeks previous I lost my previous Greyhound Song very suddenly.  When I got back from the vets, holding just her collar and lead, I phoned up the kennels where I had got her from and went the same day to look at dogs.

What better way could I honour Song than to give another Greyhound a home.

I was lucky that Polly chose me.  When they got her out of the kennel, she came over to me, leaned against me and looked up with those beautiful brown eyes.  In that instance my broken heart started to mend.

Just like Song, she was in season and so the kennels kept her for two weeks.  On Saturday 15th September, 2012 dad drove me back to the kennels to collect Polly.

My flat had been so empty, but as soon as she walked through the door, it felt like a home again.


  1. Happy gotcha day Polly. You couldn't have picked anyone better. You and Sue are lucky girls. April

  2. April, Polly says thank you. I am certainly lucky to have her.

  3. Happy 5 year anniversary to Polly on coming to her forever home. And you are exactly right, the sooner you bring another animal into your home after losing a treasured pet, the sooner your heart heals.


  4. Sue, Polly says thanks.

  5. Your fur family is so beautiful, Sue! I love that your puppies are well-cared for, and so deeply loved. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us! I am leaving a much dreaded copy-and-paste phrase on my friends' blogs. Trying to get back into the groove of normal, everyday life. The recent events in Florida caused circumstances which triggered exacerbations of my diseases. Hoping that my hands heal, and strength returns soon - the rest of it can be coped with easily enough. Thanks for understanding my inability to accomplish very much - maybe in October? love and hugs, de

  6. Donna, Thank you.

    I am sorry to hear you aren't doing so well. Sending heaps of positive healing thoughts and hugs (((Donna))).

  7. So cute love my doggie too. Following you now.xx [aNNie]

  8. aussie aNNie, Thank you and lovely to have you following us now.


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