Friday, 1 June 2018

Honey Loves Winnie The Pooh

The number of times I look up and there's Honey with her Winnie The Pooh Bear.  She sure does love him.

He can be used as a pillow.

He can be used to block out the light.

Best of all he can be cuddled.

We hope you have a fab Friday and a lovely weekend.


  1. That is so sweet. My dogs would have destuffed Pooh Bear long ago.


  2. April, The other soft toys do usually get degutted, but not Winnie or Rudi.

  3. Honey is very sweet with her Pooh. She looks very comfy & relaxed too! Hope your weekend is going swell. TFS & Hugs...pats where needed.

  4. MaryH, Thanks. Hope yours is as well.

  5. Oh my sweetness overload! How cute are these pictures. Funny how they pick one toy or stuffed animal as their favorite. Ours has a beaver that hold a water bottle and it crackles when she picks it up. She will dig through her toy box (yes she has a toy box full of toys) to find him when I put him in there so I can vacuum. Have a good day and fine week, Sue.


  6. Sue, My girls are jealous that your fur baby has a toy box:) I only let them have a few toys out and then when they get washed or thrown, they get others out.

  7. Oh, my goodness, Sue, this is the sweetest post ever! You really caught some fabulous photos of how much Honey loves Pooh!! Adorable!! Hugs, Darnell

  8. Darnell, Thank you and thanks for stopping by.


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