Monday, 11 June 2018

The Great Global Greyhound Walk 2 018

Last Sunday my Friend Hilary and I took two of our Greyhounds to The Great Global Greyhound Walk.

This started as an annual walk for Greyhounds and other site hounds to get together.  As the number of walks grew in this country, word got out to other countries wanted to take part.  This year there were 100 registered UK walks and 103 registered walks around the rest of the world.  The walk takes place on a Sunday in June, so everyone is supposed to walk on that day.  Obviously other countries may well fall on a different day, but they should walk on the same date that's allocated each year.

At the walk we went on there were 74 hounds.  Over 3,000 walked  in the UK and numbers are still coming in.  Don't know the total for the world yet.

Here we all are.

My friend is on the left of me in the blue fleece with purple t-shirt.  I'm the one in the short sleeved fleece slightly behind a lady with long hair.

Hilary took this one of me holding both our dogs.  My Honey is the one standing face on.

The weather couldn't have been much better.  The walk got done before the sun really got out and the temps rose.  A lot of the walk is under trees, so they kept us cool.

After the walk there was a tombola and raffle.  Various cakes were on offer along with drinks.  Most of us took a picnic.    We managed to nab a picnic table under a tree, so we were in the shade.   Later there were various games.  Some just for the humans, others for humans and dogs.  The sausage race was a great hit with everyone.

If you want to see more photos from walks around the world, just click on this link:


  1. Wow, Sue, quite a crowd gathered for this fun day! Weather looks so nice too, and since you got to walk under trees and eat in the shade, sounds like a perfect day. Glad you and your friend got to do this together with your pups.


  2. Looks like a beautiful day, Sue. So glad you shared it with us! Honey looks fabulous, and so do you! Wishing you a great week-end! hugs, de

  3. TFS your wonderful walk challenge with us. Bet the girls enjoyed it. What a large group, and I hope there were no personality conflicts among contestants! Lovely that you had a nice day to do the walk. (and no, I've still got the notification problem. Don't quite know how to fix it! So I'm running behind on commenting but trying to take some time to do a little catchup). Have a great week. TFS

  4. Looks like a great time & lovely weather too.

  5. Sue, Yes, we were lucky with the weather and nice for so many people and dogs to turn up.

    Donna, Thank you. We've been lucky with the weather other years as well.

    MaryH, That's the thing with Greyhounds, you rarely hear an arguement.

    Hope you can get the Notifications sorted soon.

    Di, Yes it was.


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