Saturday, 21 July 2018

Milestone Barn, Gimingham, Norfolk 7th - 14th July, 2018

Last week I went on my first proper holiday (not staying with family or dog sitting for my friend) for about 30 years.

I went with my friend Hilary and all 5 of our dogs (4 Greyhounds and 1 Pointer).  None of the dogs had been on holiday before.

Our cars resembled this:

I noticed an article in the Homer magazine (Greyhound Trust) about dog friendly places to stay.  Oh and they didn't charge for the dogs.  After looking at the properties that East Ruston Cottages had, we settled on Milestone Barn.  It suited all out needs, especially mine being all on one level, having a wet room, toilet frame and shower seat.

Here's their web site:

Here are some of the 109 photos Hilary and I took.

The Barn
The View

My photo does not do it justice.  We sat at the dining table looking out across the valley.

Relaxed Dogs

4 out of the 5 dogs.


Polly enjoying the sofa.  They supplied the throws so dogs could go on the sofas.

Sofia looking out to the garden.

Sofia and Polly.

Checking out The Greyhound pub, Hickling

Me with Honey, Milo & Flora.

Walking All 5

Me with all 5 dogs on our last morning walk, before coming home.  Below Hilary holding them all.

Can't wait for our week in October next year.


  1. Oh Sue I love the pics, especially the one of them all flat out & the one of Polly & Sofia. You sure had your hands full with all 5. Delighted you all had a lovely holiday and what a gorgeous barn it is too.

  2. Di, Thanks. We are so looking forward to going next year.

  3. HI, Sue! Fantastic photos of your holiday! Like you, I have not been privileged to enjoy many holidays. My husband and I went on one true vacation - it was a cruise, and we ended up paying for his mom to join us. Unfortunately, I've not been able to travel since. It warms my heart to see my friends' photographs - makes me be able to see parts of the world I other wise would not enjoy! I can smell the fresh English countryside and hear your happy girls as both of you traveled for a special time. Thank you for sharing! Hoping you get to take another holiday in the next 12 months. hugs, de

  4. Donna, So glad you liked seeing my holiday photos. I may do another blog post with some of the area, but I've not gone through those photos yet.

  5. What fun to find pup friendly places to enjoy. It looks like a lovely part of your country, and that you had pleasant weather to enjoy some good walkies. I have had stumbles just trying to walk 2 of our grandgreys (daughter walks 3!) so I was impressed at your abilities with FIVE! So glad you were able to have a little vacation and could take the babies and not have to leave them behind. Bet they enjoyed a change as well. Beautiful dogs too. Enjoyed your pictures very much. TFS

  6. MaryH, Glad you enjoyed the photos.

    If my girls can't go, I don't go:) LOL

  7. Sue, how fun that you can take your dogs. No dog sitters to pay, and you get to vacation and still have your loves with you. Fabulous pictures, looks like a great place to go and relax and get away. Glad you are going back in October!!


  8. Sue, Wouldn't have so easy without Hilary. When you are on your own with dogs, it's difficult to go anywhere. If you want the loo, what do you do with your dog/s? Also any site seeing has to be on the outside, as you can't usually take dogs inside. Still we were happy to walk the dogs and chill out for most of the day.

    It's October next year. Might see if I can go somewhere else early next year.


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