Wednesday, 18 July 2018

WOYWW 18th July, 2018

Here is my WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday).  If you want to know more about this weekly event, take a look at Julia's blog

I missed the last two WOYWW, as I had a lot on the first week and then was on holiday last week.  No crafting, but here's my desk this morning.  Just some statements to go through.

Happy WOYWW.


  1. Welcome back Sue! shame about the kind of paperwork you have; hope you can craft soon! Helen #1

  2. Oh dear, a work desk and no crafting. Hope you soon get time to makes something and enjoy yourself.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  3. We did miss you Sue, glad all is ok. Statements are my idea of hell, get them off your desk and put some colour on there!!! Lol (only kidding!)
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  4. Hi Sue, nice to see you back; hope you had a great holiday. Hope you manage time for some crafting soon. Sarah #16

  5. Hope you had a great Holiday, welcome back to WOYWW. Tracey #7

  6. Hope you had a good holiday and that soon your tidy desk will be more 'lived in' as you get some crafting time. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good day - Hazel, WOYWW #18 x

  7. Loving your tidy desk, maybe one day mine will be like that. Have a great creative week and happy woyww, Angela x12x

  8. Hope you get some crafting time!
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #24

  9. Welcome back. I hope you had a lovely holiday.Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#31)

  10. Helen, Thanks. I don't mind paperwork, as I did it in my work.

    Neet, Maybe some crafting will be done soon.

    LLJ, Nice to be missed.

    Sarah, I had a lovely holiday thank you.

    Tracey, The holiday was really good. Not had a proper holiday for about 30 years, so this one was over due.

    Hazel, Thanks. Hope you are having a nice day.

    Angela, If your desk ever was like mine, I'd think you'd been abducted:) LOL

  11. I've missed you, Sue! Glad to know you're ok, and hoping your busyness was due to pleasure and not anything icky. Like you, I enjoy doing administrative stuff and paperwork - wonder what's wrong with us? After all, we are artsy folk LOL - guess it proves you can do both well, right? Wishing you a great end of the week, but before the week-end LOL hugs, de

  12. That's how my desk looked on Monday and Tuesday, when I was working on some of my Seminarian work. I'm ready for some artsy stuff now. Happy WOYWW and blessings!

  13. Carol, Thank you.

    Caro, Thanks. I did have a lovely holiday.

    Donna, It's nice to be missed. Just busy leading up to going away for the week.

    Well someone has to do the paperwork:)

    Arnoldo, Hope you get your arty stuff done soon.

  14. Because of my 28 years in an accounting office, I still like to take care of that stuff at home, and my husband likes it too because he doesn't have to think about any of it!!!! You can always get back to crafting when you have the time and desire.


  15. Sue, My work was always admin related, so use to forms, etc.


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