Saturday, 15 September 2018

Polly's 6th Gotcha Day - 15th September, 2018

I can't believe it was six years ago today that I brought Polly home.  Two weeks previous I had suddenly lost my beautiful Song to cancer and my heart was broken.

Whilst Polly settled in quickly, she was so different to Song and it took a while for me to adjust to that.  I could feel my heart mending when I laughed at something she did, or when she put her head on my lap and just looked at me.  I swear she knew how sad I was in those early days.

Now I can't think about the day she won't be here.  She's 12 next March and has Arthritis, Cataracts and suffers from recurring corns, but she still has her moments.  She'll still throw a toy about and even have the odd zoomies.  When at my friend Hilary, she will go silly in her garden and race down her hall.

She may be an old girl now, but she still has the zest for life and enjoys it on her own terms.



  1. She is adorable, as always, Sue! Happy Gotcha Day to both you and Polly! Yesterday was our "Gotcha Day" for our rescued GSD - it was also 6 years! It's fun to celebrate those precious moments, isn't it? May you enjoy many more happy years together, Sue! hugs, de

  2. Donna, Thank you. Happy Gotcha Day to your pup. Hope you also have many more years.

  3. What a sweet anniversary to Polly Girl! How lucky you were to find her so quickly. DD has lost 3 to this awful disease, and was in the same state of mind as Ossie got to 15 with all the illnesses he developed. Still have time for lots of love and walkies with Polly. And yes, they do know moods! Enjoy each other to the fullest. Each has his/her own personalities and you learn to love those things! TFS

  4. Mary, Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comment.

  5. Happy Adoption Day Polly! You are one lucky dog. ;-)

  6. April, Thank you.

  7. We celebrate our pups birthday and also the day we drove six hours to pick her up and bring her home from the breeder. Polly was a lucky girl when she walked through your door to join your family, and sounds like she did her job of healing your hurt right from the beginning.......dogs are so intuitive to our feelings. Happy day to Polly and you, and may there be many more for you both.


  8. Sue, Thank you. I was certainly the lucky one.


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