Wednesday, 26 December 2018

WOYWW 26th December, 2018 No.499

Here is my WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday).  If you want to know more about this weekly event, take a look at Julia's blog

Very fitting that the first WOYWW of 2019 will also be the 500th one.  Way to go Julia.

This was my desk yesterday morning.

A lovely pile of Secret Santas and unexpected gifts.

Happy WOYWW.


  1. Mery Christmas Sue. Hope you had a great day. Happy New Year too. Sarah #1

  2. How exciting Sue to have unexpected gifts. Sadly the Secret Santa I took part in failed to arrive, still something to look forward to. Enjoy the rest of Christmas. Anne X #4

  3. Merry Christmas Sue! Wow, you had a good pile of prezzies there - hope you had fun unwrapping them all!!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  4. Lovely desk Sue, happy Christmas! I’m delighted that you’ve had surprise pressies, it’s just lovely isn’t it. I am very taken with the scrabble tiles that spell happy on your computer screen, they look lovely and are a great reminder, too!

  5. Happy Boxing Day! Great pile of gifts, hope you had a lovely day Helen #6

  6. HI Sue, fab desk, hope you are having a great Christmas. Love & Hugs from us both, Shaz #10 XxX

  7. Oooh, what a nice pile of presents - I wonder what's in them! Happy Boxing day and #499, Sue! zsuzsa #11

  8. What an exciting desk!! Mine, and the room itself is just chaos which will be sorted by the end of the week and hopefully moving into the New Year all neat and tidy -the words 'Pigs' and 'flying' come to mind!
    Have a good week
    Christine #13

  9. Sarah, Thank you. I had a lovely day, as I was at my friends.

    Anne, Hope your SS arrives. I have a fair nu8mber of birthday and Christma cards that haven't arrived.

    LLJ, Thanks. I did enjoy unwrapping my pressies.

    Julia, Thank you. Someone sent them to me with some other crafting stuff a while ago.

    Helen, I did have a lovely day thanks.

    Shaz, Thank you. I have enjoyed the past few days. Got four days with nothing planned, but hope to get some chores done.

    Zsuzsa, I had crafting stuff, some smellies and two scarves and a scarf/snood.

    Christine, Well I hope those pigs stop and help you:) LOL

  10. Ah lotsa prezzies ! have a great new year.
    Darlene #16

  11. Merry Christmas Sue, nice pile of presents for you. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day. Have a lovely week Heather x #14

  12. merry Christmas. Not posting as there is a problem with Google and I cannot fathom out what it is.

  13. Hi Sue, I know this is a bit late but also know you wont mind. Just got back from parents. Hope your Christmas has been full of joy. Happy woyww, Angela x18x

  14. That's a generous amount of pressies Sue and wonderful that they were all surprises. I hope you enjoyed opening them?
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year and all the best.
    Happy woyww Tracey #7

  15. Always fun to open the gifts! Wishing you a wonderful New Year 2019...I truly don't know how 500 is already around the corner.

  16. Yes there’s nothing quite as tantalising as a pile of of unopened pressies, great desks share and glad some surprise too, happy belated WOYWW and happy belated Christmas, Shaz Jin Oz.x #5

  17. Darlene, Yes, I had three Secret Santas and two unexpected gifts. Then there was one birthday present and a Christmas present from my friends two dogs:)

    Heather, I did have a lovely Christmas. Was at a friends for most of the day.

    Monica, Sorry you are having problems with Google. Hope you can get it sorted.

    Angela, Thank you. Glad you had a nice time with your family.

    Tracey, Thank you. Two were unexpected.

    Sylvia, Thank you. You didn't put your number, but I will track you down:)

    It was lovely to have the gifts to open on Christmas Day.

  18. Shaz in Oz, Thank you. It was lovely.

  19. WOW, how fun! A desk full of wonderful presents! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I am sure that your sweet girls got something new in their stockings too! Happy Holidays to you, Sue.


  20. Sue, Thank you. They got a squeaky toy and different treats.

  21. Hope you enjoyed opening your presents. I search charity shops for Scrabble games as I use the tiles on cards I make. Wishing you a great 2019. Ani #3

  22. Ani, I did enjoy opening my presents. That's a good idea to search the charity shops for Scrabble for the tiles.


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