About Me

My name is Sue and I live in the beautiful county of Norfolk, England.

This blog was started when I got my first Greyhound Song.   Sadly I lost Song on 31st August, 2012 due to cancer.

I have two Greyhound now, called Polly and Honey. Both are black with some white markings.  Sadly Polly suffers from Arthritis now, so I have to limit the length of her walks.  Honey will be 8 on 8th February, 2019 and Polly will be 12 on 1st March, 2019.

I love making my own cards, scrapbooking and other crafts.  As I usually take part in a Wednesday craft challenge (WOYWW) my crafting photos are now on the main blog page.

Sometimes I put up photos of the village where I live and other places I visit.

You are welcome to email me on songsongblue@live.co.uk


  1. I am so sorry about Song. I also lost my Douglas, Golden Retriever, over a year ago. I carry his ashes with me in a canoe when I camp on the lake. I can't let him go. Your Song is beautiful. I say "is" because she is still here in spirit. Love your blog. Gary

  2. Hi Gary, Thanks for dropping in and leaving your post.

    Song's ashes were scattered in my dad's garden, as she loved it there (my Jack Russell ashes are also there).

    Thanks for your lovely kind comments.

  3. Hi Sue sorry for your loss of Song last year, beautiful picture, and you have your treasured memories in your heart and head.

    Compliments on your blog, i love the paw print background its fab.

    indie :) x

  4. Indie, Thank you.

    The background is from Google Blogger.

  5. Sue, I was just reading again the info about you. I realized that Song and my Val both passed about the same time, both from cancer. Your new Polly and my new Power really resemble. I'm glad for you that you got Polly to love!

  6. Hazel, I know of so many Greys that have passed due to cancer.

    Yes, Polly and Power do look similar.

    I would be lost without a dog here and Polly has been such a dream and settled quickly.

  7. Hello Sue, I hope this week has been just a small bit easier for you, but I expect the loss is still hitting you quite a bit. Read the "About Me" page, and my DD has lost 2 greys to cancer. Her first she'd had 11 yrs. Didn't think she'd ever love another as much, but then one very shy gentleman needed a good home, so there it was. Then they felt this guy might need a friend, so got a 2nd grey. Sadly #2 did not last as long, as he also developed cancer. After some time, they got a 3 mnth old girl who needed a home, and some years later, got her sister (who I am allergic to..go figure!). The first dog she got after losing her original grey, is now 14 yrs old. Doing great, has arthritis, for which he gets acupuncture - which DD says helps him. They make wonderful friends & companions. So happy that you have Polly to hug you & help you through this difficult time. Hugs

  8. Hi MaryH, Thanks for thinking of me. I will pop over to your blog and leave a comment on your About Me page.


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